Jaqee Nakiri is a Ugandan born creative whose current residence is in Germany.

Jaqee has been on music scene for more than a decade, both as a studio recording creative and a powerful live artist.

The 2-time Swedish Grammy nominee, started out as a DIY artist, because the industry then was not highlighting creatives like her, so she decided to create a musicscape that she wanted to see and experience. A trail blazer of her time, she continues to follow her instincts as she stays true to her idea of art and creativity.

“For me as an African in the Diaspora, it was very important to have people who looked like me represented qualitatively in media spaces and on major live music stages”. When I started out, I was very alone. But with the help of many, I could keep moving. I am glad I did”.

The mother of 2 daughters, has naturally slowed down a bit due to motherhood duties but still highly creating content, and is also teaching and mentoring upcoming generations, passing on knowledge acquired.

In recent years the artist has also broadened out to theater stages as an actress, and musical director in Sweden with her performances well received by critics. In 2024, she is also planning to write songs for and together with other artists.

“The world is a big playground for me as a creative, that has a lot to teach me. My duty is to make art filled with love and beauty, and I hope that this shows in the results. We are all connected, and together we can leave footprints that coming generations will be proud of. “

As of Current (2024) the artist is releasing her 6th studio Album “Nalubaale”