New album Nalubaale

Love, Love, Love,
Love will make you walk a thousand miles to be with her. She is the wisdom you long to have, the courage you never thought you had.
Love is peace, she is patient, she is Kind.
She is that sound of angels singing gloriously to the bending of the harp, the soft stroke of ancient desert winds, whispering God’s marvellous glory in your ear.
Love will heal that infected wound that you long gave up on to heal, more powerful than any weapon of mass destruction. Cuddled up in her grasp, her tears will roll down your face. She’s the real deal. She will fight for you, she will carry the sword for you, She will
walk a thousand miles for you.
She is sweet, very sweet.

Welcome to my 6th and final album, a closure of a chapter in my artistry so far. This is not the end, it’s just a crossroad that is proudly and lovingly directing me into an unpredictable future.
I felt a strong need for healing on this album, so I made way for Vulnerability. I have opened doors that are to be obediently followed as I dig deeper in the understanding of the one thing that we humans yearn so much for.

Love is King.

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